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Yinying Zhu

  • Yinying Zhu, Professor

  • Deputy Director, Research Institute for Future Media Computing

  • Expertise:Image/Video Analysis and Understanding, Information Security, Machine Learning, DeepLearning

  • Contact Details:

Work&Education Experience

  • 2014 – To date: Deputy Director, Research Institute for Future Media Computing, Shenzhen University, China

  • 2004 – To date: Lecture, Associate Professor, Professor, Shenzhen University

  • 2004: Phd, College of Computer Science, Wuhan University, China

Representative Publications

  • Yingying Zhu, Jianmin Jiang , Wenlong Han, Ying Ding , Qi Tian, “Interpretation of Users’ Feedback via Swarmed Particles for Content-based Image Retrieval”. Information Science, 2017.01,375:246-257. (TOP期刊,中科院一区,JCR Q1, IF=4.832,SCI,EI)

  • Yingying Zhu, Min Tong, et al. “Hybrid Feature-based Analysis of Video’s Affective Content Using Protagonist Detection”. Expert Systems with Applications. 2019.04,128:316-326. (中科院二区,JCR Q1, IF=43.768,SCI,EI)

  • Yingying Zhu, Junwei Liang, Jianyong Chen, Zhong Ming, “An Improved NSGA-III Algorithm for Feature Selection Used in Intrusion Detection”. Knowledge-based Systems, 2017.01,116:74-85, (中科院二区,JCR Q1,IF=4.529,SCI,EI)

  • Yingying Zhu, Gaoyang Tang, Xiaoyan Zhang, Jianmin Jiang, Qi Tian, “Haze Removal Method for Natural Restoration of Images with Sky”. Neurocomputing. 2018.01, 275:499-510. (中科院二区,JCR Q1,IF=3.317,SCI,EI)

  • Yingying Zhu, Xiaoyan Huang, Qiang Huang, Qi Tian. “Large-scale Video Copy Retrieval with Temporal-concentration Sift”. Neurocomputing, 2016.04,187:83-91. (中科院二区,JCR Q1,IF=3.317,SCI,EI)

  • Yingying Zhu, Jiong Wang, Liang Zheng, Linxi Xie. "Attention-based Pyramid Aggregation Network for Visual Place Recognition". In 26th ACM International Conference on Multimedia, (ACM MM 2018),2018.10:99-107.(CCF A类,多媒体领域TOP 1会议)

  • Bin Sun, Chen Chen, Yingying Zhu*, Jianmin Jiang. “GEOCAPSNET: Ground to Aerial View Image Geo-Localization Using Capsule Network”. In IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo, (ICME 2019), 2019:07:742-747. (CCF B类)

  • Yinghao Wang, Chen Chen, Jiong Wang, Yingying Zhu*. “Learning Discriminative Features for Image Retrieval”. In International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval, (ICMR 2019), 2019.06:96-104. (CCF B类)

  • Yingying Zhu, Xiaoyan Huang, Qiang Huang, Qi Tian. Large-scale Video Copy Retrieval with Temporal-concentration SIFT. Neurocomputing, (2015, in press, DOI:10.1016/j.neucom.2015.09.114)

  • Yingying Zhu,Chuanhua Jiang, Xiaoyan Huang, Zhijiao Xiao, Shenghua Zhong. A Temporal-compress and Shorter SIFT Research on Web Videos(KSEM2016, CCF C , accepted)

  • Zhu Yingying, Zhu Yanyan, Wen Zhenkun. Sports Video Classification Based on Marked Genre Shots and Bag of Words Model. Journal of Computer-Aided Design &Computer Graphics.25(9):1375-1391, 2013.(in Chinese)

  • Zhu Yingying, Wen Zhenkun ,Du Yihua, Deng Liangtai. Video Forgery Detection and Multi-granularity Location Based on Video Perceptual Hashing. Journal of Image and Graphics.18(8):0924-0932,2013.(in Chinese)

  • Ying-Ying ZHU, Yan-Yan ZHU, Zhen-Kun Wen, Wen-Sheng Chen, Qiang Huang. Detection and Recognition of Abnormal Running Behavior in Surveillance Video. Mathematical Problems in Engineering. No.4,pp.1-14, 2012 .

  • ZHU Ying-ying, WU Jin-feng, MING Zhong. Research on Intrusion Detection Based on Network Events and Deep Protocol Analysis. Journal of Communications.32(8):pp.171-178, 2011. (in Chinese)

  • Yingying Zhu, Zhong Ming, Jun Zhang. Video scene classification and segmentation based on Support Vector Machine. International Joint Conference on Neural Work 2008 (IJCNN 2008), pp.3571 – 3576. 1-8 June 2008,Hongkong.

  • Zhihua Du, Yingying Zhu*, Weixiang Liu.Combining quantum-behaved PSO and K2 algorithm for enhancing gene network construction.Current Bioinformatics, pp.133-137,Feb.2013.

  • Qiang Huang, Wen-Sheng Chen, Xiao-Yan Huang, Yingying Zhu*. Data Matrix Code Location Based On Finder Pattern Detection And Bar Code Border Fitting. Mathematical Problems in Engineering.No.04, pp.57-66, 2012.

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