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Jianmin Jiang

  • PhD, Fellow of IET, UK, Fellow of RSA, UK

  • Distinguished Chair Professor and Director, Research Institute for Future Media Computing, Shenzhen University, Shenzhen, P.R. of China

  • Emails:

  • URL:http://futuremedia.szu.edu.cn

Jianmin Jiang received PhD from the University of Nottingham, UK, in 1994, after which he joined Loughborough University, UK, as a lecturer of computer science. From 1997 to 2001, he worked as a full professor (Chair) of Computing at the University of Glamorgan, Wales, UK. In 2002, he joined the University of Bradford, UK, as a Chair Professor of Digital Media and Director of Digital Media & Systems Research Institute. He worked at the University of Surrey, UK, as a chair professor in media computing during 2010-2015 and a distinguished professor at Tianjin University, China, during 2010-2013. He is currently a Distinguished Professor and director of the Research Institute for Future Media Computing at the College of Computer Science & Software Engineering, Shenzhen University, China. He was a chartered engineer, fellow of IET (IEE), fellow of RSA, member of EPSRC College in the UK. He also served the European Commission as proposal evaluator, project auditor, and NoE/IP hearing panel expert under both EU Framework-6 and Framework-7 programmes. He was one of the contributing authors for EU Framework-7 Work-Programme in 2013.

He served the Image and Vision Computing Journal, ELSEVIER, as an associate editor during 2006-2015.                            He is serving the journal of IET Image Processing as an Associate Editor (2019 - ).

Since 2014, he has been continuously named by ELSEVIER as one of the most cited Chinese computer scientists (http://china.elsevier.com).

While working in the British universities as a full professor, J. Jiang has successfully supervised many PhD students and post-docs researchers, and representative examples of his supervised PhD students include:

  • Eran Edirisinghe, admitted in 1997 and graduated in 2000, now working at the Department of Computer Science, University of Loughborough, United Kingdom, as a Chair Professor, Head of Computer Science Department (2010-2015) and Associate Dean for the Science Faculty;

  • Christos Grecos, admitted in 1998 and graduated in 2001, now working at the University of West of Scotland, United Kingdom as a full Professor and Head of School of Computing;

  • Jinchang Ren, admitted in 2006 and graduated in 2009, now working at the Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Strathclyde University, United Kingdom as a Senior Lecturer and Deputy Head of The Centre for Image and Signal Processing;

Details of his academic career are given below:


01/09/1990-15/07/1994: PhD in Computer Engineering, University of Nottingham, UK;
01/03/1982-30/12/1984: MSc in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Beijing Graduate School, China University of Mining & Tech.
01/03/1978-30/12/1981: BSc in Electrical Engineering, Shandong Mining Institute, China.

Career Histories:      

2014 – To date: China National 1000-plan Distinguished Professor, Director of Research Institute for Future Media Computing;

2010 – 2014: Chair Professor of Media Computing, University of Surrey, United Kingdom;
2010 – 2013: Chinese National 1000-plan Distinguished Professor, Tianjin University, Tianjin, China;
2002 – 2010: Chair Professor of Digital Media, Director of Digital Media & Systems Research Institute, University of Bradford, United Kingdom;
1997 – 2002: Chair Professor of Computing, School of Computing, Associate Head of School for Research (Research Coordinator), University of Glamorgan, United Kingdom;
1994 – 1997: Lecturer, Department of Computer Science, Loughborough University, UK;

Research Grants:      
  1. J. Jiang, ‘Deep learning and visualization towards seeing imageinations inside human brains’, 2.83 Million RMB, CNSF, 2021-2025.

  2. J. Jiang, D. Shi, and W. Xie ‘Intelligent VR for predictive reconstruction of unknown environment under circumstances of disaster rescue’, 5.3 million RMB, Ministry of Science & Technology, China, 2019-2023;

  3. J. Jiang, ‘Immersive and panoramic 3D video reconstruction of indoor scenes’, 2.55 million RMB awarded by China Natural Science Foundation (CNSF), in collaboration with MingMing Cheng at Nankai, Philip Torr at Oxford, and Adrian Hilton at Surrey, 2017-2021;

  4. J. Jiang, ‘Personalized TV broadcasting and interactive media computing’, 2 million RMB,  2016-2018, Commission of Scientific Research & Innovations, Shenzhen, China;

  5. J. Jiang, ‘Immersive 3D video reconstruction of indoor scenes with multi-views’, 5 million RMB, 2015-2017, Distinguished Professorship Award, Shenzhen University, China;

  6. J. Jiang, ‘Intelligent and interactive media content analysis via machine learning approaches’, Chinese National 1000-plan Distinguished Professorship Award, 12 million RMB, 2010-2013, Tianjin University, China;

  7. J. Jiang, ‘Learning-based video summarization via one-class SVM with multiple kernels, 780,000 RMB, 2014-2017, Chinese National Science Foundation, China;

  8. J. Jiang, ‘SCC-Computing: strategic collaboration with China on high performance computing based on Tianhe-1A, the world’s most powerful super-computer’, European Framework-7 SA International Collaboration Project, 410,000 Euros, 2012-2013 (EU contract number 287746), in collaboration with University of Zaragoza Spain, University Stavanger Norway, National Centre for Supercomputing Applications Bulgaria, University of Surrey, UK, Chinese National Supercomputer Centre Tianjin, and Tianjin University China;

  9. J. Jiang, ‘CockpitCI: Cybersecurity on SCADA’, European Framework-7 STREP, 2.9 million Euros, 2010-2013, in collaboration with Selex Systemi Integrati SPA Italy; Multitel ASBL Belgium; Israel Electric. Corp., Israel, Università di Roma Tre, Italy, Centre de Recherché Public Henri Tudor, Luxemburg; University of Coimbra Faculdade de, Portugal; et al.;

  10. J. Jiang, ‘EcoGem: Cooperative machine learning system for green transport environment’, European Framework-7 funded STREP project, 2.6 million Euros,  2010-2013, in collaboration with TEMSA ARASTIRMA GELISTIRME VE TEKNOLOJI A.S. Turkey; Athens University, Greece; NAVTEQ B.V. Netherland, HI IBERIA INGENIERIA Y PROYECTOS SL Spain et al.;

  11. J. Jiang, ‘MICIE: Tool for systemic risk analysis and secure mediation of data exchanged across linked CI information infrastructures’, European Framework-7 funded STREP project, 2 million Euros, 2008-2011. European Contract No. 225353, in collaboration with: (i) Selex Communications S.p.A., Italy; (ii) Centre de Recherch Public Henri Tudor, Luxembourg; (iii) Telecommunication University of Rome, Italy; (iv) University of Rome, Italy; (v) ENEA, Italy; (vi) Industrial Research Institute of Automation and Measurements, Poland; (vii) Israel Electric Corp, Israel; (viii) Itrust Consulting A.a.r.l. Luxembourg; (ix) Multitel asbl, Belgium; (x) University of Coimbra, Portugal.

  12. J. Jiang, ‘HERMES: Cognitive care and guidance for active aging’, European Framework-7 funded STREP project, 3 million Euros, 2008-2011. European Contract No. 216709, in collaboration with: (i) Centre for Usability Research & Engineering, Austria; (ii) INGEMA Foundation, Spain; (iii) IBM Haifa Research Laboratory, Israel; (iv) Athens Information Institute, Greece; (v) TXT E-solutions, Italy.

  13. J. Jiang, ‘PROTAGE: Digital preservation and organization using tools in agent environment’, European Framework-7 funded STREP project, 2 million Euros, 2008-2010. European Contract No. 216746, in collaboration with: (i) National Archives of Sweden; (ii) National Archives of Estonia; (iii) Lulea University of Technology, Sweden; (iv) Fraunhofer Gesellschaft zur Forderung der angewandten Forschung e.V. Germany; (v) EASY Innovation S.L. Spain; (vi) Giunti Labs S.r.l. Italy.

  14. J. Jiang and A.M. Wason (Bradford Royal Infirmary), "Computerised classification of normal mammograms for breast cancer screening", UK nationally funded project, £90,000, 2006-2009, British Breast Cancer Research Trust.

  15. J. Jiang, ‘MDS: Misuse Detection System for e-Security’, European Framework-6 funded STREP project, 1.35 million Euros, 2006-2009. European Contract No. 026459, in collaboration with: (i) ComArch S.A. Poland; (ii) University of Bremen, Germany; (iii) Tekever, Portugal; (iv) Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa, Poland.

  16. J. Jiang, ‘Live: Live Staging of Media Events’, European Framework-6 funded Integrated Project, 7 million Euros, 2007-2010. European Contract No. 027312, in collaboration with: (i) Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Forderung der angewandten Forschung e.V. Germany; (ii) Academy of Media Arts, Cologne, Germany; (iii) ORF, Austria national TV broadcaster, Austria; (iv) Atos Origin, Spain; (v) University of Ljubljana, Slovenia; (vi) University of Applied Science Cologne, Germany; (vi) Salzburg Research Institute, Austria; (vii) Sony NetServices, Austria.

  17. J. Jiang ‘Digital media research & innovations at European level: travel grant to bid for EU funding under FP-7 programme’, UK national project funded by EPSRC, £60,000, 2007-2010.


(1) Jiang J and Xu L ‘Method and Apparatus for Extracting Pixel Values’, Granted US Patent 7,444,033, 2008, filed by British Telecom Research Lab, Ipswich, UK;                        
(2) Jiang J, Zhu Y. and Li K. ‘Methods for derivation of sparse-based super-resolution images’, Granted Chinese Patent Z1. 2012-1-0045871.6, 2012.



In total, J. Jiang has published around 400 refereed research papers in leading international journals and conferences. The following lists his leading conference publications in 2019 and part of his recent SCI journal publications since the year of 2000.

    Leading Conference Publications since 2019:

  1. Fares A., Zhong S. and Jiang J. 'Brain-media: A Dual Conditioned and Lateralization Supported GAN (DCLS_GAN) towards Visualization of Image-evoked Brain Activities', Accepted to ACM Multimedia 2020.

  2. Wang J. and Jiang J. 'Adversarial Learning for Zero-shot Domain Adaptation', ECCV2020, 23-28 August 2020, Online.

  3. Wang J. and Jiang J. 'Conditional coupled generative adversarial networks for zero-shot domain adaptation', Accepted to ICCV2019, IEEE

  4. Liu J., Hou Q., Cheng M. Feng J. and Jiang J. (2019) ‘A simple pooling-based design for real-time salient object detection’, Accepted to CVPR’2019, IEEE

  5. Xie W. Wang M, Wei M., and Jiang J. ‘Surface Reconstruction from Normals: A Robust DGP-based Discontinuity Preservation Approach’ Accepted, CVPR2019, IEEE

  6. Wang X., Zhang Q., Wang S. and Jiang J. ‘Learning to Explore Intrinsic Saliency for Stereoscopic Video’ Accepted, CVPR2019, IEEE

  7. Zhong S., Fares A. and Jiang J. ‘Attentional-LSTM for improved classification of brain activities evoked by images’, Accepted to: ACM Multimedia’2019

  8. Refereed Journal Publications:

  9. Dong L., Zhou Y., Lin Q. and Jiang J. ‘Adaptive Operator Selection with Test-and-Apply Structure for Decomposition-based Multi-objective Optimization’, Vol 68, Swarm and Evolutionary Computation, ELSEVIER, 2022;

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